Monday, December 22, 2008

I finally won a give-away.....

I won a first one! Happy, happy, joy, joy. I won the pillow pattern from Mary over at Quilt Hollow. I actually won a month ago but sweet Mary had some unforseen problems that kept her from sending it in the mail until now. I've stolen the picture from her blog to show you. Thanks, Mary!!

I told her that I wasn't in a hurry since all quilting and sewing has been put on hold until after the holidays. Or should I say until the dreaded snowman wallhanging is finished. I have decided that January is officially "Cathi" month at our home. I turn 50 in January and I want to sew. Do I sound whiney?? I hope so. It's MY TURN!

Blessings, Cathi

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Quilt Hollow said...

Today I turned 49....what DAY is yours? :-) I need YOUR TIME so that I can see this snowman quilt!!

Enjoy your holidays!