Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Tour of Homes .... Day 4

I'm finally feeling better enough to post more pictures. These are some of the upstairs trees. I never did put up the tree in the boys room. Dear Son #2 hasn't cleaned his room enough for me to make my way to the other side of the room without the possiblity of breaking my neck. But I just refuse to clean it for him. He's 19. Let him live in the mess....I'll just shut the door.

This is the upstairs landing. These stockings I made for the kids about 15 years ago. I only fill the last 3 since Dear Daughter #1 is married now with a home of her own. But the others use theirs. The key to a good stocking is making it LOOK big but in reality doesn't hold very much. They don't get anything exciting, just a Christmas pez, cracker jacks, some other candy and socks usually. Dear Son #1 asked for fingernail clippers in his this year. I mean really, son. They are only a couple of bucks at just about everywhere. Kids are funny.

Here is a close-up......

This is the tree in our bedroom. I don't have a tree skirt on this one yet. On the list for next year (that's what I said last year!)

I did spend the weekend baking. I made 20 dozen cookies. I don't think I ate any real food this weekend, just cookie dough. I think I need some real food. Tonight I put tree #7 out on the back deck with lights. I cut 7 oranges in half, scooped out the inards and dried the shells in the oven. I hope to make some suets tomorrow night after work, put them in the orange shells and hang on the outside tree with some red bows. I think the birds will like it and the cat will enjoy the entertainment.

Blessings, Cathi


Quilt Hollow said...

Here, Here!! Son #1 is 19, home from college for the next two weeks. I've requested he pick up his things because I, like you...refuse to and closed the door when it was still his room. When he left for college last August I promptly painted and made a guest room.

Teresa said...

You're house must have smelled wonderful with all those cookies baking during the weekend. I have not started any baking yet - it is really just 4 days away????? Love the stockings.