Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Tour of Homes 2008

Of all times for the batteries to die in the camera. *sigh* But so not to dissapoint. I'll put up some pictures from last year (which are still good for this year) and as soon as I can get the batteries today, I will upload newer pictures. And before you comment, yes, I tried all the remote control batteries. They just didn't have enough juice left. Guess what I'm asking for for Christmas? A battery charger.

Meet Fred. Fred is back again this year but he seems to be a little fuller than last year.
Aren't we all !

Pumpkin Angel is made from one of my all-time favorite stitchery designers, Saundra White, of I Done My Best. I don't think Saundra is designing anymore. I still have some of her designs that I haven't made yet thank goodness. This is hanging in the guest bath downstairs.

Blessings, Cathi


starflake said...

Those are beautiful wall hangings. I love the scarecrow. I hope he was a blast to make. :)

Cathy Miller said...

Love the pumpkin angel! So sweet! Thanks so much for participating!

Karen said...

I love this Pumpkin Angel stitchery. I don't know if I am familiar with Saundra White. I will do an internet search.