Thursday, October 16, 2008

As promised....

A few hours late but a promise is a promise..

This wreath has been added to since last year. It was pretty but it's amazing what a little filler can do to give a wreath some depth.

Above each window is this swag that is new this year. The key is to hit Hobby Lobby when they are having a great sale. Seems like lately it's every week.

This little guy is sitting on top of a metal sewing box that is sitting on top of my sweet granny's knee pedal singer sewing machine in the foyer.

This is the guest bath downstairs. On the wall to the left is the cute Pumpkin Angel that is in the blog from this morning.

Here is the mantel. The quilt is the same one I had up on the blog earlier today that I had to take off because of technical difficulties....but it's all good now.

I love pumpkin with teeth. Can you tell? Well, there's more to come!

This is a cabinet in our kitchen. We found the base at a junk shop. Dear hubby made the top to go with it. I'm so lucky to have such a talented fella.

Dining room table. Needs a table runner, don't you think?

Over the computer cabinet........the cabinet is new this year so this is still a work in progress. The paper mache pumpkin bowl was a great find at the sales table outside of Cracker Barrel a few years ago. My other little pride and joy is the feather tree which is an authentic. I keep it out year round.

Here's a close-up of the little guys. They are hand made with 100% wool. I love working with the stuff.

Finally here is the coffee table centerpiece. This one needs a table runner, also, but I've started one that I just need to finish the quilting and the binding.

Blessings, Cathi


LBP said...

Oh my goodness! What eye candy! Can I come to visit you, or just move in with you? Your fall decorations are just fantastic!



p.s. I like pumpkin with teeth too!

Aggy said...

You're decorations are beautiful. I love the tree of pumpkins.

I also have that red wagon.