Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So close yet so far.....

I have gotten so much quilting finished this past week and I can't show any of it!  I am really close on several projects. 

* I spent the entire weekend working on a baby quilt that is supposed to go to the new Mommy-To-Be this coming Sunday.  The top is finished and hope to layer it and start quilting this evening. The Married One reads my blog and works with the new mommy.  I don't want her to accidentally show it to her! I'll post it after the baby shower.

* I only have the binding to go on another quilt.  Gotta find the fabric I bought for the binding first.  Sure hope I didn't use it for something else!

* I have only a square foot of quilting to do on another quilt then the binding!  What am I waiting for?!

* Finished the Gail Pan Christmas Wish blocks but didn't take a picture yet. I'm pretty sure how I am going to finishe this one but it will take a good bit of prep work.

*Cleaned the sewing/dining room so well that if we wanted to eat dinner at the table, it would only take me 10 minutes to get the sewing out of there.  I couldn't say that before!

Here is a picture that I can show.  I finished the first month of my Thoughts of Christmas BOM that I received from Paula the Quilter.  The next two months will be a little rough with two rows of paper pieced trees and houses with a gazillion pieces to each house!  But it's a good start.  I am making it with all Thimbleberries fabric.  I have so much of it!  I have all the backgrounds picked for each month and a stash of red, greens and golds picked out for me to draw my other pieces from.

Blessings, Cathi


Quilt Hollow said...

Busy and nothing to show for it. Laughing here!

Ok...I got one row of the Christmas quilt that will have to hold me. :-)

Enjoying the cool weather?

Julze said...

I love your Christmas quilt...beautiful!

Carrie P. said...

You have been busy. Love those starts but I don't love paper piecing.