Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm ready for Fall but the weather isn't.....

We had a cool week a few weeks ago here in the Piedmont of South Carolina (just below Charlotte). But the last two weeks have been rather warm and balmy. The humidity is horrible. It feels like July/August.

I feel sorry for all of those in Georgia with all the rain. We didn't get any of it. Our yard looks like a giant red clay brick. I haven't even cut the grass in over a month. Even the Married One had rain just about every day. She lives in Charlotte. TurfBoy is 2-1/2 hours west of us and had rain every day. I think all the rain just parted like the Red Sea around our little town and went right around us!

I usually don't put out the fall decorations until October 15th but it may be even later this year if the weather keeps up like this.

In the meantime, here is a pic of a woolie I made two years ago from a Buttermilk Basin pattern. It's not made into anything yet......just a rectangle. Maybe when it turns cooler I'll be in the mood to change it into something cute! I'm thinking maybe a pillow cover for one of the pillows on the couch.

Blessings, Cathi


Janene said...

Our weather here in Ohio has been cloudy, warm and humid this week too! UGH!
It is definately NOT hairs BFF!
I love your woolie. That would look great as a pillow.
Have a great weekend!

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Love your woolie, Chathi!
I agree with Janene! this Ohio weather is not good for hair!! Mine feels and looks like a puff ball! LOL Kind of hard to get in the fall mood with warm humid days!

Take care,

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Oh the Carolina weather is not at all seasonal!! Love the wool piece!

Lynn said...

Sorry no sympathy here - I'm one of those strange people who like NC weather (except when it's too cold). Cute grinning kitty - I have almost finished a wool project I'm thinking of framing.

A Primitive Gathering said...

I like you can't wait for cool weather..I am in Arkansas and ready for fall.
Also I love the woolie you stitched..wish I was that talented.
Thanks SueMc

Carrie P. said...

I am waiting for the cool weather too. Love your little wool design.

Quilt Hollow said...

Hi Cathi!
Sweet wool number...send it this way! LOL
Actually owe you a thank you for the signature block....what a lovely surprise!!
Today is way cooler...can you feel it? :-) Rain...lots of it.

kim@A Thyme Remembered said...

I am with you on the cool weather needed for fall feeling!!! Today is much better ...and I even am making soup for dinner....of course tomorrow is 80's again....ugh! I live in what is called the upstate of SC....near Rock Hill...keep in touch!!!!!

Micki said...

It is really cool here in Ireland...very fall weather. i love your latest project!

Sew little fabric said...

Hi there, could you please email me, you have won my 'Among the Gumtrees' competition. Thanks so much! Hugs Paula

Libby said...

What a sweet little wool piece. Can't wait to see what it will become.