Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mighty Mouse is still the king . . . . .

At least in our house.

Dear Hubby and I spent the day deep cleaning the kitchen.  Apparently we have mice.  We have caught three so far but at least one still eludes us.  The bugger is pretty smart.  But we'll get him in the end.  We just have to build a better mouse trap!

It sure felt good to give the kitchen a good cleaning.  Not a spot was left undone except maybe under the dishwasher.  Which is where he is probably living AND laughing at us.

If only I could teach the boys to be mousers . . . . . 

They don't look too thrilled, do they?

UPDATE ..... Got him the next day!  Whoohoo.  Set another trap.  Nothing else so I'm guessing he was the last of them.

Blessings, Cathi


Libby said...

They look adorable *s* Had to laugh about not clearing behind the dishwasher. Hubby was doing a chore for me (moving the garbage disposal from one side of the sink to the other) and he noted that he did NOT want to move the dishwasher as he feared what he might find. I cannot disagree with his assessment. Ignorance is *bliss*

Lynn said...

Oh no! I HATE (am extremely afraid)of mice. We had one in our basement recently and my husband caught it and took it out to the woods and let it go. Because the only thing worse than a live mouse is a dead one. Our cat showed no interest in it, aargh. I read that the fear that people (like myself) have of mice is the startle reaction - maybe also the ick factor.
Good Luck!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Isn't it amazing how sly those little buggers are. I hope you get him!!!
The boys sure are cute!!!
Prim Blessings

andsewon said...

We had to put some poison down. Thought with such a mild winter they would not be want to come inside. It is for nesting as there is no food items in our attic!!! Deep clean is good! Humm well best get to the surface clean here and hope no one looks deeper! ;-)

My Colonial Home said...

We only had one in all the 33 years we have lived here but I remember growing up in our homes we had them.

Carrie P. said...

We had some mice get into our pop camper when we had one. They decided to have babies. It was disgusting.