Friday, November 12, 2010

Next Prim project picked out . . . . .

I've been busy with a few organizational things this week along with getting ready to teach a class tomorrow.   I've reorganized the cabinets in the utility room, the closet under the stairs and the upstairs hallway.  Nothing worth showing pictures of.

But I have picked out my next little project I hope to start on Sunday afternoon.  Here are some of the parts. . . . 

I hope to show something finished next week.  Depends on the weather.  We don't have a garage so I have to do a lot of my smelly (like Briwax) crafting outside.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Cathi

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mommy, look at our midnight snack . . . . .

The boys usually don't mess with any of the household items at night.  Really, they don't.  But last night they must have been really bored.

Yup, Dear Hubby's golf shoes.  We keep the boys locked in the utility room at night with a baby gate.  There are lots of shoes and ball caps and "things" in there but they have NEVER messed with any of them.

They have plenty of toys.  These are just a few that I could find.  Hermann Munster still has his squeaky toys inside!  No small feat for them.  The squeakys are usually the first things to go.  I just have to make sure that they have a few in with them at night.  Guess I missed last night!

They do look a little guilty this morning.  But I'm sure they will get over it.

And now Dear Hubby can put new golf shoes on his Christmas list.  He's really excited about that.

Blessings, Cathi

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging . . . . .

My last show of the year is over and now I can get back to some regular blogging here on my Primitives blog.  The month of October is all a blur.  If I learned anything, it was to pace myself.  The next show I am vendoring at is the first full weekend in January.  I will NOT wait until the day after Christmas to start thinking about it!
Dear Hubby and I did sneak away for a day to the mountains of North Carolina.

Two of our kids had birthdays . . . . . .

Turf Boy turned 26

And the Married One turned 31

I didn't put out a single fall decoration.  How sad . . . . 

Not even the wreath on the door . . . .

From last year
Like I said, if I learned nothing else this past fall, it is that I need to pace myself , make a schedule and make time for family.

And the Phillies lost.

Blessings, Cathi