Sunday, August 28, 2011

I ♥ wooden spools . . . . .

I have quite a collection of wooden spools.  I have moved them all around the house over the years but I think I have found a permanent home for them.

Half on the right side bookcase.

And half on the left side.  I wish the light was better on the left side but I would have to wait for the afternoon sun to take that picture without the flash.

I had found two more the other day when I went antiquing with a friend of mine.  The short ones with the ribs.  You can see what else I bought on my Christmas blog.

The tall one on the left my friend happened to have from her late MIL's house.  She said she didn't want it, did I?  Well, yea!  It won't fit on either of the shelves in the pictures above so that may have to stand alone on top of the computer cabinet for now.  

I have 4 lamps made from wooden spools but don't have pictures of them yet ..... or lampshades ... so those will have to wait for another day.

Hope those in the path of Irene are doing okay.  I've been through one before   -   HUGO   -   22 years ago so I know what you are going through.  Sending little prayers your way.

Blessings, Cathi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to school . . . . .

No, not me!  But Dear Hubby.  He has decided that he has waited long enough to get his masters.  High school coaches are caught in a pickle.  They get out of school too late in the spring to go to the first summer session and start football too soon in August to go to the second summer session.

A random picture taken from our local paper.  I have no idea who these guys are!
So Dear Hubby has decided to go the "on-line is the only way" route.

Just wanted to let you know what excuse # 372 was on my long list of why we don't finish projects around here.  It will be worth it, though.

He has done some work since the bathroom was finished.  And I wholeheartedly mean "he".  It's too hot for me!  I used to like the sweaty work - many years ago before I got old.  But that's for another story.

Anyway, he is adding a lean-to to the side of his workshop to store the riding lawnmower, tiller, etc.  We have had them under a makeshift tarp-thingy for a while.  Those tarps don't last too long!

How it started.
Even this looks better!
As of today . . .he even put the posts and ledger boards up by himself.  Where are the adult kids when you need them!?
The latest in construction apparel!  A dish towel and electrical tape.  A man's gotta do what a man has to do!
Two a days with contact started yesterday morning in our neck of the woods.  With all the incidents lately, say a little prayer for ANYONE that has to be out in this heat.  Dear Hubby said that for the most part the teams are holding up okay but it has been brutal on them.  Specifically those young'uns who decided it would be better to spend their summer on the couch in the air-conditioning.  They'll learn their lesson by the time they are seniors!!

Stay cool!

Blessings, Cathi