Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An early Mother's Day for me . . . . .

Dear Hubby and I will be traveling to see his mother this weekend.  Since I won't be with my own kids, they decided to have Mother's Day last weekend.

They brought over KFC (I hate when they mess up my kitchen cooking!).  And lots of plants and gifts!

Then surprised me with a trip to one of my favorite places . . . . Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

The picture above is from a trip that Dear Hubby and I took to Daniel Stowe back during Easter week.  It has filled in a lot since then.

There is an orchid house.

The peonies were in full bloom . . . .

As were the bearded iris . . . .

We had a wonderful day!

And if you happened to be going to the famous Mary Jo's, the botanical gardens are just 20 minutes down the road.

Hope you all have as wonderful a Mother's Day as I did!

Blessings, Cathi


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Wasn't that sweet of your "babies" to treat you so special !
The botanical gardens would be my choice too, just gorgeous plants there.
Hope you enjoyed your meal, surrounded by your loved ones.
They are such a handsome bunch ;)

lesthook said...

I have been trying to get to Mary Jo's for 2 years now. Maybe this year,LOL!

Anonymous said...

How special of your crew to treat you like royalty!!
Enjoy this weekend as well...drive safe!!

paulette said...

What a lovely day spent with those you love most!! Lucky you!

Wendy said...

Your kids know how to spoil their Mom. Looks like it was a special day.