Friday, January 9, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over.....

I don't know WHAT I was thinking but I have signed up for or downloaded 5, yes, F*I*V*E free BOM. So here they are for all the world to see. Yes, you can email or comment to ask me how they are coming along. I may even post pictures once in a while. I can't guarantee that they will be done each month or even that you will get a polite response back LOL. But I'm going to give it my best shot. Two are piecing, two are stitchery and one is applique. If you want to join in, that would be great. Officially, I am behind in all of them (ie: I haven't started any of them yet) but all the directions are downloaded and printed out.

Number #1 - Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight

Bonnie's is a mystery quilt so I can't show you a picture and she didn't have an icon so I posted the picture she had of the colors she used. Bonnie has the greatest free quilt patterns that use up scraps. You can find her at

Number #2 - Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark BOM

Lynette is a great Aussie quilt and stitchery designer. She has posted 10 of the 12 blocks. I plan on working on these with Teresa at Stitchin' Friends, Carol and Cheryl starting in two weeks. This one has a chance of being finished.

Number #3 - Gail Pan Designs' A Christmas Wish

I don't have a picture for this one because she doesn't have an icon that I can copy. But this one is the cutest stitchery BOM. It is 9 months long. It just started this month and should be finished by the end of September, just in time to put it together for Christmas. Gail is another designer from "down under" that combines stitcheries and piecing.

Number #4 - A Mystery Quilt from Helen at Hugs n Kisses

Another Aussie designer that started this summer mystery quilt. Remember, it is summer down under. Wish it was a little warmer here myself! This one is pieced. I love piecing!

Number #5 - Bunny Hill Designs' A Tisket A Tasket, 12 Months Full of Baskets

I'm not sure I will do this one because I really like more primitive stuff. But the first block they have posted is absolutely adorable. I may try it in darker colors. This one is applique. While I can do applique, I find it to slow to prepare all the pieces. I am practicing several applique techniques right now on another small project to see which one I like the best. If I find a winner, I'll tackle this small BOM.

There they all are......wish me luck!

Blessings, Cathi


Teresa said...

Doggoneyou Cathi - now I want to do the Christmas Wish one too!!! I am printing out the A Tisket A Tasket one and am thinking of trying back basting applique on that one. I have been fighting the urge to start working on it, but debating on the fabrics. Have you decided not to do the one that Helen over at Hugs from Helen is sponsoring?

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathi....My oh my....who needs to BUY new patterns with all the freebies posted in blogland! I'm hope to do the BOM Baskets from Bunny Hill in wool. We'll just have to see if I even start it at this point. I've got another BOM wool project that I keep collecting...say that because it hasn't been started either! *Sigh* In the meantime, working on Buzz Saw blocks and have two minatures that just require binding sewn down on back.

Julie said...

LOL cathi! i've also downloaded a few of these. sometimes i get carried away with myself i think, and have ambitions way too big! oh well, we can only try!
best of luck,