Saturday, June 18, 2011

I've gotten quite a bit done although you may not be able to tell.  We (meaning Dear Hubby) had to paint the bookcases on the right of the former fireplace to match the new trim color.  In the meantime, all the "stuff" that was on the shelves was either stuffed onto the new shelves on the left or in boxes on the floor.  I spent all day Friday arranging the shelves.

Still some empty spaces but I'm okay with that for now.  The bottom three shelves on both sides will be covered with something.  Ideally with custom made, raised panel doors made by Dear Hubby someday but in the meantime, maybe some osnasburg curtains.

I also cleaned, cleaned, cleaned everything in this room.  I think I swept up an entire dog  worth of hair from these two. (picture from last fall)

I'm just about finished painting the bathroom.  Just have to roll the walls one more time.  And I have two coats on the new bathroom vanity.  This picture is after one coat.  I'll check in the morning to see if I need another coat.  I doubt it since I will be antique-ing it anyway.  No sense putting on three coats just to sand one off!

Hopefully I can show more pics in a day or two.  I have the lights off in the bathroom and am painting by lamplight.  A little too dark for picture taking right now.

Blessings, Cathi


Teresa said...

You and hubby are doing a good job on your house makeover. You are certainly more patient than I am being, but the results are worth the wait. All is looking great.

Sharon said...

This looks awesome...don't think they will put you on Renovation Reality...yours looks like it is going really well!

Wendy said...

Renovations are time consuming but so worth the effort. Love the ladder with quilts on the wall.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hello Cathi
I just popped over to see what you are all about. Kudos to you ~ 3 blogs!
I can't even keep up with 1.
I picked one of the blogs to follow and this one is it. Not that I don't like quilts ~ I love them, but prims is my thing.
I wanted to Thank-you for joining mine and entering my giveaway.
Good Luck.
Prim Blessings

Carrie P. said...

I like the quilts on the shelf.
Oh, there are the 2 "hairy" pups. they are some good looking dogs.